How To Care For Your Cabinets

Wood Furniture Care

  • Clean the cabinetry as needed with a lint-free cloth utilizing SoClean wood cleaner.  You can purchase this cleaner at
  • Occasionally clean with Citrus Shine.  You can purchase this clean at
  • Do Not use such products as “Old English”, “Pledge”, “Endust” or any wax products.  The wax used in these products has a chemical reaction to the finish on the cabinetry, making it impossible to repair or touch up.
  • Do Not use ammonia based cleaners, as these products will soften the finish.
  • Make sure to wipe dry any spills, splashes, or drippings as they occur, always keep the surface of your cabinetry dry.
  • Do Not use any abrasive towels, rags, or powdered cleaners as these may scratch or penetrate the surface, thus allowing moisture to penetrate and deteriorate the finish.
  • Do Not use a dishcloth to clean or dry cabinet exteriors. It may contain remnants of detergents and grease.
  • Do Not use harsh detergents, strong soap, abrasive cleaners or self-polishing waxes.  All of these items can remove the cabinets’ factory-applied finish.